30 YEARS Experience

I focus on a few core brands like Sony ES, Sonos, Definitive Technology, GoldenEar, Samsung, and LG with which I have long experience. I own and use the same products that I sell so I have hands-on experience with all the products that I offer. 

The advances in home entertainment technology mean that it costs less than ever to provide great performance in audio and video. And with 30 years of experience in the industry I know when it makes sense to spend more and when it doesn't.

Jon Bell ... creating great home entertainment systems for over 30 years


Our quality systems feature simple, one-touch operation so watching TV, enjoying a movie, or listening to music is always one touch away.    

A home entertainment system from Simply Sight & Sound will provide your family with a high quality, easy to use system that everyone will enjoy.



Every TV system, large screen projector, and music system is custom designed, yet priced at low Internet prices. You get custom service and pay the same or less than online, no-service companies.

Custom Installation

Let us handle the details. We will work with your architect, interior designer, and contractor to create a system that provides great performance and integrates its design visually with your décor. 

Experienced, professional installers install the system with great attention to detail.

Equipment and cables are concealed and in-wall and in-ceiling speakers virtually disappear while providing superb sound.

CalL Jon Bell


Call me at 401.749.8283 for a

free in-home consultation and get

a custom home entertainment system

at low online prices.



When you are looking for the finest sound and the highest picture quality we will design a state of the art system for you with simple one-touch operation.

No matter what your budget you will always enjoy the highest quality system available, designed to meet and exceed your needs now and in the future.

Now you can enjoy a terrific home entertainment system that looks great in your home, is easy to use, and will be enjoyed by the whole family. Simply Sight & Sound designs and installs state of the art television, projection TV, and music systems that offer an ideal combination of performance, value, ease of use, and attention to design for each client's needs. We will work with you to design the right system for you. When you want a great home theater, a wireless multi-room audio video system, a quality television, or a superb music system, call Jon Bell at 401.749.8283.

 Simply Sight & Sound gives you great custom television, video projection, and music systems at low online prices!a

Simply Sight & Sound

  Great custom TV and music sysTEMS AT LOW ONLINE PRICES



As a lifelong Rhode Island resident I will be there for you. Total customer satisfaction is my number one goal.


I have been providing quality audio video systems in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts for over 30 years.



Every system is designed for your unique home and blends in with the decor or disappears entirely.

Imagine a beautiful, easy to use system in your home that is designed for your needs, style, and budget.