BDI Cabinets


BDI cabinets are fine furniture designed to meet the needs of your home entertainment system with style and functionality.

Each BDI cabinet includes hidden design features like flow-through ventilation, wire access channels, and concealed wheels that make BDI the ideal choice for housing your system.

BDI's home theater cabinets features fine wood finishes in a variety of tasteful designs.

Great home entertainment systems begin with great products. Simply Sight & Sound offers industry leaders for every aspect of the system with an emphasis on providing high quality performance with proven reliability. Simply Sight & Sound is an authorized dealer for legendary brands like Sony, including its prestigious ES and XBR divisions, Sonos multi-room audio solutions, award-winning Definitive Technology and GoldenEar speakers, Samsung televisions, amazing Sony video projectors, and LG OLED televisions, among others. Most importantly, we listen to you and always strive to select the right equipment for your needs.

Simply Sight & Sound gives you great custom television, projection TV, and music systems at low online prices!

Sonos Multi-room systems


Sonos is the leader in providing wireless multi-room audio systems that combine flawless performance with complete ease of use.

In just a few minutes anyone can have complete access to their music library and leading online sources like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora, anywhere in the house.

Sonos soundbars are consistently ranked as the highest quality soundbars available plus they also give you all the Sonos music capabilities of their speaker products.

Today Sonos offers a complete line of music solutions for every room that is ideal for new construction or existing homes.



The most important sound component in any music or home theater system is the speakers. GoldenEar  is an award-winning leader in the loudspeaker industry, delivering products that provide exceptional sound quality and beautiful design.

GoldenEar features outstanding tower and bookshelf speakers plus superb subwoofers and architectural speakers. In every category and at every price level, GoldenEar offers a superb sound solution.

Sony ES SERIES Electronics


Sony inaugurated the ES Series as its Elevated Standard of highest quality components three decades ago. Sony's ES Series has been the pioneer for many of the technologies that we take for granted.

Today the ES Series includes high performance audio video receivers which are the backbone of a great system and the new ES Series of state of the art laser video projectors.

All Sony ES Series audio video receivers feature Sony's exclusive five year parts and labor warranty.



Sony has always been a leader in providing state of the art televisions and projection systems and today Sony continues to lead.

Sony's latest 4K Ultra High Definition XR televisions provide a new standard for unparalleled realism.

Sony's world-class ES Series video projectors deliver unprecedented performance so outstanding high definition imagery is now available in any size you can imagine.

Call now to arrange a demonstration of our state of the art system featuring a 4K Sony laser video projector and a superb sound system. Just 20 minutes and you will be amazed. Movies, sports, TV, and games never looked like this!

Simply Sight & Sound

  Great custom TV and music sysTEMS AT LOW ONLINE PRICES

Definitive Technology Speakers


Definitive's line of class-leading products includes its highly praised conventional speakers, DI Series disappearing in-wall speakers, and a full line of powerful subwoofers.

One-Touch Remote


Every Simply Sight & Sound system includes a one-touch remote control that makes your system simple to use for everyone in the family.

Just push one button to watch a movie, watch television, or listen to music. It's that easy.

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