SonY VIDEO Projectors


Sony has always been a leader in providing state of the art televisions and projection systems and today Sony continues to lead.

Sony's world-class ES Series video projectors deliver unprecedented performance so outstanding high definition imagery is now available in any size you can imagine.

At Simply Sight & Sound we have specialized in Sony video projectors for over 15 years. We are the projector experts.

Call now to arrange a demonstration of our state of the art system featuring a 4K Sony laser video projector and a superb sound system. Just 20 minutes and you will be amazed. Movies, sports, TV, and games never looked like this!

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service to create an amazing video projection system.

Custom Installation

Let us handle the details. We will work with your architect, interior designer, and contractor to create a system that provides great performance and integrates its design visually with your décor. 

Experienced, professional installers install the system with great attention to detail.

Equipment and cables are concealed and in-wall and in-ceiling speakers virtually disappear while providing superb sound.


Elite Prime Vision screens provide a unique combination of exceptional performance and high value. Choose from fixed screens, motorized screens, and ambient light rejecting screens. All offer state of the art image quality and terrific value.

  Great custom TV and music sysTEMS AT LOW ONLINE PRICES

Simply Sight & Sound

​​SCREEN ​innovations

State of the art video projection screens from Screen Innovations reject the ambient light in the room while displaying the projector's light so that you enjoy a superb image without turning all the lights out.

Now can have a front projection system almost anywhere!



Every TV system, video projector system, and music system is custom designed, yet priced at low Internet prices. You get custom service and pay the same or less than online, no-service companies.